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2007年 01月 21日

Thank you




社内では最後にLeaving speachをさせられるのがルールですので、そういう感謝の気持ちをどうやって伝えるべきか、最終日迄にゆっくり考えておこうと思っていたのですが、上層部の気まぐれでフェアウェル・ドリンクの日取りが急遽1日繰り上げられてしまいました。夕方になってから、『やっぱり今からやります』なんていきなり言われたので、原稿を用意したりする暇もありませんでしたが、ほろ酔いになりながら大体こんな風に話したと記憶しています。


I would like to start by saying something very simple.

Thank you.

Thank you to you, my team, my bosses, colleagues, ex-colleagues, and clients.
Thank you, A(勤務先), for giving me tremendous opportunities.

This week, we interviewed a Japanese girl for a junior position.

She has some relevant work experience at an investment bank.
Her English was excellent.
So, she was not bad.
But, unfortunately, she could not solve some financial math quizzes by H(直属の上司) and R(シニアレベルのクオンツ・アナリスト).
I felt so sorry of her because I remember exactly how it was in my case.

P(CEO), you interviewed me at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo in October 2000.

I was lucky because you did not try to grill me by nasty quizzes.
I mainly talked about how good I was at running 400-meter race in university varsity team and you responded you used to run marathon race.
However, my English was so bad that S(当時の日本法人の社長) lent me a hand by translating more than half of this casual conversation...

By today’s standard, I was utterly unqualified to be a part of A(勤務先).

In fact, I remember that at the end of the meeting you said to S(日本法人社長), - obviously you were assuming that I could not understand what you would say, although actually my listening skill was not as bad as speaking -, “Tell him that, no matter how fast he could run 400-meter race, it is very different from what marathon race takes!”


I still don’t know how it was decided. but you placed me as one of the starting members of our Tokyo office.
And then, two years later, you even gave me an opportunity to join the newly created Product Development team in London.

So, thank you for your generous and brave decisions.

H(直属の上司), since I came to London, you've been the one who keeps encouraging me to become a true Londoner.

Probably it took a lot more hard work than I anticipated and much longer time than you expected, but finally I became comfortable to say that I am a local professional here, neither an expat nor a mere messenger boy between London and Tokyo.

So, thank you for your patience.

If somebody asked me what would be the one word to symbolise A(勤務先), I would say, “Quality”.

Quality of work.
Quality of people.
Quality of relationships.
Quality of life.

Surrounded by you all, I discovered the true meaning of quality.
What really matters is quality.
Quantity does not necessarily suffice, but quality does.

I am proud of what we have gone through together and how we did it. And, that is the quality value of myself today.

Working in the Hedge Fund industry for six years is long enough to learn a thing or two about finance.

For example, leverage.

Smart people seek for leverage facility when they find good quality of equity portion.
Likewise, I will work hard in coming years, harder than ever, so that I could make the most use of the equity value of myself, the quality I have forged in these six years.

That is the only way to prove to my self that this is a right move.

Next week, I will be traveling to Canary islands. A lot of sunshine and sand beach. A moment of escape from reality.

Then I will move back to Tokyo and join X(新勤務先) from mid February.

This time, I decided to move.

But I decided for very personal reason.

Once again, I am proud of what I have gone through with you and I will be proud to say that I worked for A(現勤務先).

Regardless of my decision, my confidence in your success will remain the same.

My emotional attachment and affection to A(現勤務先) will remain.

I hope you could share my wish, earnest wish that our trust, friendship, the fact that we have built a lot of things together, and personal memories of them will remain.

Thank you.

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